How to Listen to Machines
Photographer: Mengjie Maggie Qi

Photographer: Mengjie Maggie Qi

How to Listen to Machines

Exploring the music of machine sounds

How to Listen to Machines is an interactive composition project that makes music out of machine sounds recorded and submitted by listeners around the globe. Designed to help us hear 'noise pollution' with new ears, this project reconstructs our everyday electric soundscape melodically, illuminating the richness of sounds we tune out.

The project will culminate in a full-length album that weaves melodies through the powerful rhythms and harmonies of machinery. (To hear the musical possibilities of machine sounds, stream the sampler EP.)

I invite you to collaborate with me on this project. Using your phone, simply record the sounds of machines you use or encounter in daily life, and share them with me for inclusion on the album.


A vibrant, imaginative composition... rapturous
— Textura
Hall receives the mechanical noises as gifts, and returns the gifts with his bow.
— A Closer Listen

Meet the Composer



The People Behind the Sounds

Meet my collaborators: individuals around the globe whose recordings of machines will be featured on the full-length album

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Cameron Heath
Birmingham, Alabama

Knowing how a coffee will react in a roaster is a skill that is hard to replicate without getting your hands dirty for awhile. It’s almost jedi-like in nature

Ting, Zhuo Dan - cropped.png

Zhuo Dan Ting
Shanghai, China

When people ask ‘do your tattoos hurt?’ I show them my tattoo answering their question.

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John Kelly
Springfield, Pennsylvania

I build scientific research equipment... It’s interesting and challenging work because scientists often want to do something that no one has done before.

Upcoming Featured Collaborators